What Are the Different Types of Data Security?

Data security safeguards digital information from theft or unauthorized access regardless of whether it’s stored at rest on the move, in transit or even in use. It involves different techniques, tools and methods such as access control, encryption, and data masking. Physical security is also a part of it to safeguard equipment and facilities that store sensitive data.

Prevents breaches: Aside from compliance with regulations, preventing data leaks is a good way to maintain trust among customers and create a positive company image. This https://mobilevdr.com/list-of-the-best-virtual-data-room-providers/ is the case for small businesses too as those who could face reputational and financial losses when PII of customers is revealed.

Secures important information: Sensitive information, like the bank’s client lists or a hospital’s patient records aren’t intended for public eyes. Keeping this type of information secure can help businesses keep competitive advantage.

Ensures availability. Data that is not accessible when it is needed is not good to anyone. Therefore, it is essential to have a plan in place to restore data that’s been backup. There are solutions that can assist in preventing downtime due to ransomware attacks. These include cloud-based disaster recovery as a service and data snapshots.

Removes old information: If a company does not need certain files any more, it must delete them completely from its systems, and not just overwrite space with new data. Data erase is the process of using software to completely erase files on any device so that they cannot be recovered.