Virtual Data Rooms for M&A, Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships

Virtual data rooms enable companies to securely communicate important documents to clients as well as investors and leadership on the internet. VDRs can eliminate physical paper and associated costs such as storage and printing, while providing better due diligence oversight and efficiency.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In M&A transactions, there may be a lot of paperwork to manage, each of which requires careful review. VDRs make the due diligence process more efficient, allowing both sides to collaborate online in one place and reducing meetings costs. In addition, the best online data room providers offer advanced features such as document indexing and redaction (blacking out areas of files so that personally-identifiable information remains private).


Venture capitalists and BD partners often request a set of written diligence questions that you must solve, which could result in a myriad of different documents. By sharing these question and answer sets in a VDR with permissions for viewers based on investor or partner team members, you can avoid disclosure that is unnecessary and make the process much simpler for everyone involved.

Strategic Partnerships

Similar to M&As you will have to share a significant amount of details with third parties during strategic partnerships. The easiest way to do this is with a VDR that lets you organize all of your important documents and make them easily accessible for the people you want to see them. A good VDR will also let you set your own terms of access that all users must accept before they can access your information.