The Board Room App

The boardroom app is a centralized platform for meetings, digital communications and document storage that simplifies the decision-making process for boards while increasing the effectiveness of meetings. Board members can access all the materials in a single online location and keeps everyone updated of changes and addendums by pressing a button.

The software for board portals was also designed with security in mind. It can limit how much time employees spend on the system and also their editing capabilities and whether they are able to share or download files. It also provides an audit trail of every single action that takes place in the system. These tools allow companies to monitor employee activities and ensure compliance with management standards.

When it comes to board governance, technology is the best option. A specially designed board management system not only makes meetings, communications and decisions easy for members to access, but it can cut down on hours of work for administrative staff. It can also deliver a robust, secure and reliable experience that provides the best ROI.

A South African startup called Boardroom is taking on this task. It’s been called „Tinder for the working lovebirds“ and has already gotten the attention of the tech media. I spoke to Serisha Barat, a frequent startup business owner and co-founder of the app.