The Benefits of Board Pack Software

Board pack software assembles the necessary information into single file that directors are able to access from their laptops, tablets or smartphones. This makes it unnecessary for board members to use non-secure channels such as email to communicate with one others, and ensures that the documents are presented in the most recent version. If an amendment or report is required, it can be added immediately to the board pack. All users will receive an instant notification.

It is tempting to include as much information in your board’s packets as you can to meet compliance regulations and provide the most value when organizing a meeting, but this can cause confusion and overwhelm board directors who need clear, concise, and easy-to-read reports. The most effective boards strike a balance between strict compliance and delivering value to the business by using templates, and incorporating logically ordered information, sticking to a precise language and avoiding excessively technical materials.

The chair of the board has the primary responsibility for the contents of a board package and must take the lead over ensuring the content is relevant and relevant. Board members are busy, and it can be difficult for them to go through a board packet in the two weeks leading up to a meeting if they don’t have enough time to absorb, read and focus. The ideal timeframe for submitting board documents is 7 to 10 days. This gives board members ample time to read, absorb and focus on the material.