Productive Online Board Meetings

Effective online board meetings rely on a myriad of factors such as a well-planned agenda as well as clear communication protocols and dependable technology. Boards that follow the best practices can still attain high levels of efficiency despite these hurdles.

Begin your meeting by having an open discussion. Asking questions that require participants to share their thoughts can be a great way to spark discussions. A polling tool or survey at the beginning of your meeting could help you identify areas for improvement.

Limit the time you devote on reports and other „must-do“ items. If you engulf attendees in monotonous reporting, they’ll quickly lose interest and concentration. As a rule of thumb limit yourself to 25 percent of your meeting to these types of discussions. This will enable more strategic discussions.

Make sure that your meetings are a this content positive experience for everyone that attends. Use the Boardable platform in order to increase participation and create an comfortable atmosphere for all participants. Encourage board members to be present and on time, follow the conventions of meeting protocol and maintain a high degree of professionalism.

A productive online board meeting requires that board members have a good understanding of how their work in the company impacts others. Using tools like Boardable’s Minutes Maker and Task Manager, it’s simple for board members to review their responsibilities between meetings and stay informed about the progress and issues. This facilitates collaboration between the board members and facilitates a more efficient, dynamic online meetings.