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The Mergers and Acquisitions Blog is a great place to learn more about the benefits, challenges and concerns that surround mergers and acquisitions. It includes articles, case studies and interviews, in addition to other resources to help you.

Companies frequently merge or acquire to boost their growth, increase their market share, break into new markets, or improve their competitive edge. A successful M&A strategies depend on careful planning and execution.

The most typical kind of M&A involves two companies merging into one, however the acquiring company may also acquire a different company. The process of buying a business differs from merging, as it’s considered a transfer of ownership.

When M&As occur, there is usually a clear benefit in mind for both parties. Financial M&As for instance are typically pursued to get cash or assets with discounts. Strategic M&A is about addressing some specific issue or opportunity. It could be about getting new products as well as expanding facilities or acquiring expertise and intellectual property. M&A has been utilized by businesses to get out of the negative business environment in the past. In the 2008 financial crisis for instance, many banks merged to stay afloat.

If a business decides to go through an M&A it has to be aware of the implications of the deal on employees. Employees may be concerned about how they will fit in with the culture of the newly acquired company, how their benefits might change, and more. HR should be ready to respond to these concerns in a professional and clear manner.