How to Prepare for a Meeting Successfully

There are a few important steps that help ensure you’re well-prepared to attend. Preparation is essential to an effective meeting, whether it’s for a project planning meeting or a review of employees.

Set the agenda and distribute any pre-reading materials that you would like attendees to read prior to the meeting. Notifying them prior to the meeting can ensure that everyone has an knowledge of what’s to come and can contribute effectively in the meeting. You can include them in your invitation, or make them available via internal communications. Be aware of what you consider a must-read versus what is desirable to have.

Anticipate obstacles that might occur during the meeting, and develop a plan to overcome them. Refraining from bringing these issues up during the meeting can result in many wasted time, as everyone is trying to become knowledgeable on a topic that could have been resolved prior to the meeting.

Don’t forget to put in place an efficient system for recording and sharing minutes of meetings as well as other documentation. This will keep the momentum after the meeting and ensure that all participants are aware of what was discussed and voted on during the meeting.

Finally, make sure you have a list of important points that will help everyone leave the meeting feeling confident about what next steps to take for progressing the discussion or project forward. This is an excellent way to conclude the meeting and let everyone feel that they are part of a group that is capable of meeting its goals.