How to Plan Your Board Meeting Preparation

Preparing for a meeting of the board can be a stressful job as you have to manage multiple stakeholders and follow deadlines. However, by following a pre-defined structure and utilising the right tools along the way it’s possible to lessen the pressure and optimise the experience of all those involved.

Plan your agenda for board meetings to maximize the amount of discussion and decision-making time you can make available. Each item should be given an estimated time and a clear purpose, like the gathering of information or obtaining an informed decision. If the discussion diverges from the topic, be sure to gently bring the discussion back to the main topic. Make sure someone is taking notes so that the most important decisions and outcomes are recorded.

Make sure that everyone are aware of the meeting date and time, as well as the location. This can be done best with a board portal that streamlines the process of dispersing materials.

Open the meeting with brief introductions to all attendees, as well as any special guests or visitors. Then, conduct a roll call to determine if there is enough quorum for the meeting to continue. Review any business issues that remain unresolved from the previous meeting and approve minutes.

If you have any time left, you can make use of this time to discuss any new business issues or any other matter that requires a discussion before the meeting is called off. This is also a good moment to get rid of any public meeting notices and replace them with the next meeting date, time and location.