How to Get the Most Out of an Online Board Meeting

A video conference that includes remote participants is an online board meeting. The goal of a virtual meeting is to make it more accessible to those who are unable to attend in person because of work obligations, health concerns or time constraints.

The option of participating remotely offers a range of advantages, including saving on travel costs and reducing time lost due to scheduling conflicts. However, there are fundamental differences between an in person and online meetings that could affect the efficiency of the discussion.

When you’re not with the other participants, it may be difficult to discern body language and facial expressions. This can reduce engagement in online meetings, particularly when board directors aren’t familiar with the technology or have issues using it.

One solution is to use a whiteboard like feature in the boardroom software, to encourage participants to contribute and collaborate. Another option is to record the meeting, so that board members who aren’t able to attend can go through the meeting minutes afterward. Recordings can also be useful to share with new board members.

Before the call starts it is crucial to run through the technology. This will ensure that everyone is able to see and hear clearly. Monitoring for things like updates to software on computers and camera quality as well as microphone settings can help avoid any issues that may arise during the meeting. It’s a good idea to ask each participant to mute their own voices when meeting availability they’re not speaking, because this helps in reducing any background noises or distractions.