Board of Directors Vs Advisory Board

The decision of choosing the most effective structure for your board is a major one that has significant implications. A board of directors or an advisory board are two options frequently discussed. Both have distinct functions and will impact the organization in different ways. The decision of which other is based on your goals and needs.

Advisory boards are less formal than a board of directors and are generally easier to set up, expand or shrink in size when required. Furthermore, the members are usually recruited on temporary periods and are able to be replaced as required. A board of directors is more difficult to retain and recruit because they are legally liable for the decisions they make.

An advisory board is a group of individuals who share advice and support but are not legally bound by the company. The members of an advisory panel are an invaluable resource for the executive and CEO to access their expertise and experience, assisting them to make informed decisions that affect the company. An advisory board can be a valuable tool for companies at the beginning stages of development because it offers the guidance and support needed while taking away the burden of governance, oversight and control.

When deciding on the most suitable board for your business be sure to consider how it will help you meet your current business requirements and implement a long-term strategy. When you are looking for board members, search for those with diverse capabilities and expertise that are open to continue reading this new strategies and new ideas.