Board Document Management Made Easy

Board document management is a practice which involves the management and sharing of documents and materials of the board in a fair and equitable manner in advance, during and after meetings. The goal is to allow members to focus on governance and not tedious manual processes and document updates. It can be frustrating and time-consuming for directors to coordinate and manage meeting-related information using patchwork tools like email, Dropbox or couriers.

A well-designed board management program can ease these problems as well as improve governance and communication and increase the efficiency of your organization. Board portal software, that includes features like electronic voting, messaging meetings minutes, and much more it can automate the majority of the aspects of Board of Directors meetings.

Using the right software makes it simple for your team to create digital board books in minutes instead of hours. You can import folders and use templates that are already saved. Or, you can begin with a blank slate. Then, you can share the board book in just one click. E-signature functionality makes it easy to sign documents quickly, and to track the status of documents instantly.

During meetings board members are able to log in and instantly access all of the documentation associated with agenda items. This eliminates the need to send emails to directors with links to different versions of the same document and ensures that all of the information on your board is accessible from any location. Directors can also access meeting files and other documents between meetings. This lets them stay up to date with organizational updates and make sure that their book of directors is current.