Best Finance Audiobooks

Knowledge is power regardless of whether you’re a stock market investor or trying to make your finances more efficient. The best finance audiobooks will teach you about the stock market and money. The best thing about audiobooks is that you can learn while doing other thingssuch as taking a drive to work, making meals for the week, or cleaning out your sour compost bin.

Audible provides a wide selection of investment and finance audiobooks, which cover subjects ranging from wealth creation to investment strategies. For example, the classic investment audiobook Benjamin Graham’s intro to fundamental analysis, The Intelligent Investor, is a must-listen for investors. Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is another classic guide to personal finance that provides a browse around here practical guide for building wealth and financial independence.

If you’re in search of an audiobook based on the stock market that will entertain you as you listen, check out Michael Lewis‘ Liar’s Poker, which tells the tale of his time on Wall Street and the trading floor. It’s a tale of testosterone, egos and pure greed. it makes for a compelling listen.

Alternately, you can try David Bach’s Get Rich Slowly or Vicki Robin’s goal-setting for Your Money or Your Life. If you’re interested in learning about the latest trends in finance, such as AI and algorithmic trading, take a look at our audiobooks.